The Balloon Goes Up Again…

AudioFile Magazine reviews Five Weeks in a Balloon Rather a pleasant surprise, this: a year and a half after publication, AudioFile magazine has reviewed my narration of Jules Verne’s Five Weeks in a Balloon, based upon the excellent modern translation prepared by Frederick Paul Walter and Arthur B. Evans, two of America’s leading Verne scholars. […]

Beerbohm double-bill

Beerbohm Bonanza! Two new narrations from the works of the incomparable Max Beerbohm: First, in The Happy Hypocrite, when the mischievous Cupid fires an arrow through the heart of Lord George Hell, that disreputable peer, desperate to win the love of sweetly innocent young Jenny Mere, obtains from fashionable mask-maker Mr Aeneas a saintly mask […]


A Pair of Bellocs! For my 49th and 50th Audible credits, two titles from the multi-talented Belloc family: First, in The Mercy of Allah Hilaire Belloc uses an exotic Oriental setting to satirise the Western commercial and economic issues of his time, as aged merchant Mahmoud relates to his young nephews the story of his […]


The big broad flexible outlook… In a startling reversal of recent form, Audible have published my latest PG Wodehouse solo narration while I can still remember recording it. Maybe 2021 is not starting out so badly, after all: In Ukridge, the inimitable Wodehouse gives us ten stores from the early career of Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge: […]

Another mission for Hannay

Another mission for Richard Hannay Another recent release is my narration of the third volume from John Buchan’s series of Richard Hannay adventure thrillers: Listed in the BBC’s ‘100 Novels That Shaped Our World’, Mr Standfast is the third of Buchan’s thrilling, fast-paced World War I adventure novels, following The Thirty-Nine Steps, and Greenmantle: in […]

HG Wells Double Bill

An HG Wells double-bill! The leisurely pace of Audible publication meant that these two went live a solid fortnight apart; but, hey, I’m calling in a double-bill anyway: Thirty Strange Stories features tales of comedy, horror, monsters, strange worlds, guilt, enmity, whimsy, and avarice in some of the best of HG Wells’ short fiction, including: […]

Two more classics of detection

Two more classics of detective fiction! Two new releases on Audible, each featuring a classic literary detective: In The Wisdom of Father Brown Chesterton give us another 12 tales of misunderstanding, deception, theft, murder, mystery, and suicide, unravelled with modesty and compassion by the unassuming little priest-detective. This volume features classic stores including The Absence […]

The Brink of a New Era!

Yesterday, acting on the advice of a long-headed gentleman in Australia, who knows WAY more about such things than I do, I took delivery of a new recording setup. My faithful old AT2020USB+ goes to join its ancestors in heaven – well, in the loft, to be absolutely accurate – and gives way to the […]

After lockdown

Who says lockdown was just about boxsets and chocolate? Well, obviously the boxsets and chocolate were key; but I did find time for some work, too, and have three new releases to prove it! First, in The Innocence of Father Brown Chesterton introduces his shambling, moon-faced little priest-detective, with 12 tales of theft, murder, suicide, […]

Psmith, Journalist

Psmith takes Manhattan! Listed in the BBC’s ‘100 Novels That Shaped Our World’, Psmith, Journalist takes Wodehouse’s immaculate hero to the apparently dull city of New York, where he takes command of twee family periodical ‘Cosy Moments’, converts it to the yellowest of yellow journals, and embarks upon a crusade to unmask the owner of […]