HG Wells Double Bill

An HG Wells double-bill! The leisurely pace of Audible publication meant that these two went live a solid fortnight apart; but, hey, I’m calling in a double-bill anyway: Thirty Strange Stories features tales of comedy, horror, monsters, strange worlds, guilt, enmity, whimsy, and avarice in some of the best of HG Wells’ short fiction, including: […]

Two more classics of detection

Two more classics of detective fiction! Two new releases on Audible, each featuring a classic literary detective: In The Wisdom of Father Brown Chesterton give us another 12 tales of misunderstanding, deception, theft, murder, mystery, and suicide, unravelled with modesty and compassion by the unassuming little priest-detective. This volume features classic stores including The Absence […]

The Brink of a New Era!

Yesterday, acting on the advice of a long-headed gentleman in Australia, who knows WAY more about such things than I do, I took delivery of a new recording setup. My faithful old AT2020USB+ goes to join its ancestors in heaven – well, in the loft, to be absolutely accurate – and gives way to the […]

After lockdown

Who says lockdown was just about boxsets and chocolate? Well, obviously the boxsets and chocolate were key; but I did find time for some work, too, and have three new releases to prove it! First, in The Innocence of Father Brown Chesterton introduces his shambling, moon-faced little priest-detective, with 12 tales of theft, murder, suicide, […]

Psmith, Journalist

Psmith takes Manhattan! Listed in the BBC’s ‘100 Novels That Shaped Our World’, Psmith, Journalist takes Wodehouse’s immaculate hero to the apparently dull city of New York, where he takes command of twee family periodical ‘Cosy Moments’, converts it to the yellowest of yellow journals, and embarks upon a crusade to unmask the owner of […]

And another new release to see in the New Year…

And another new release to see in the New Year… Acclaimed as one of the finest satirical novels in the English language, Max Beerbohm’s Zuleika Dobson is a glittering tour de force that mocks the foibles of Edwardian Oxford, and that still resonates with modern ‘celebrity’ culture. Zuleika Dobson, internationally famous prestidigitator visits her grandfather, […]

Jules Verne takes to the air!

Jule Verne’s Five Weeks in a Balloon My new narration of one of the great “first novels” in world literature, now live on Audible: Five Weeks in a Balloon is now available in a complete, accurate English translation. Prepared by two of America’s leading Verne scholars, Frederick Paul Walter and Arthur B. Evans, this edition […]

More Housman

Housman’s Last Poems Last Poems is the second volume of A. E. Housman’s verse to be published in the poet’s lifetime. Compiled to present to a dying friend, they poignantly explore in the same gentle, lyrical manner many of those themes of life, death, love, and loss that run throughout his hugely popular first collection, […]

Something New for Lord Emsworth

A fresh start for Lord Emsworth! Something New’ is the original US-published version of the first novel in PG Wodehouse’s Blandings saga: Since retiring from business, the chief obsessions of American millionaire J. Preston Peters are his dyspepsia and his collection of Egyptian scarabs. So when fluffy-minded peer Lord Emsworth – father of Freddie Threepwood, […]