‘The horror! The horror!’

My solo narration of Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, went live on Audible last week! Narrator Marlow recounts his experiences in the Congo Free State, and his chilling and perilous quest upriver in search of visionary ivory trader, the enigmatic Mr Kurtz. His journey, culminating in his eventual encounter with Kurtz, horrifies and perplexes […]

Another Wodehouse narration live on Audible!

My solo narration of The Little Nugget, by PG Wodehouse, is now available on Audible! Pudgy, scowling Ogden Ford, spoiled child of divorced parents with far more money than is good for them, is “the Little Nugget” – the El Dorado of the American kidnapping industry. When Ogden’s father sends him to an isolated English […]

‘The Old Man in the Corner’ live on Audible!

My latest solo narration is now live on Audible – it is The Old Man in the Corner, by Baroness Orczy From the creator of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The Old Man in the Corner is a collection of classic tales in the Sherlock Holmes vein. In a genteel ABC teashop on the Norfolk Road, Miss […]

The Inimitable Jeeves goes live!

My solo narration of the hilarious The Inimitable Jeeves, by PG Wodehouse, went live on Audible last Saturday! The Inimitable Jeeves is Wodehouse’s first full-length Jeeves and Wooster book, a sparkling collection of linked stories, in which Bertie Wooster is harried by his fearsome Aunt Agatha, determined to marry him off; snootered by his anarchic […]

More news!

Another of my solo narrations went live on Audible last week! The Green Carnation, by Robert Hichens, satirises the scandalous relationship between Oscar Wilde and his friend Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas. It was one of the works used against Wilde in his prosecution and conviction for “gross indecency”. … And another was approved for publication: […]

Another upcoming novel narration

Another busy weekend of proof listening, and today I delivered another novel reading for Voices of Today – more about that when it goes live on Audible! Also today, the latest weekly and fortnightly poems for LibriVox; and the first act of Charlie’s Aunt, by Brandon Thomas, in which I play the key role of […]


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