Something New for Lord Emsworth

A fresh start for Lord Emsworth!

Something New

Something New’ is the original US-published version of the first novel in PG Wodehouse’s Blandings saga:

Since retiring from business, the chief obsessions of American millionaire J. Preston Peters are his dyspepsia and his collection of Egyptian scarabs.

So when fluffy-minded peer Lord Emsworth – father of Freddie Threepwood, the fiancĂ© of Mr Peters’ daughter, Aline – absent-mindedly pockets the gem of Mr Peters’ collection, and puts it on display in the museum at Blandings Castle, the incensed millionaire offers rich rewards to anyone who can get the precious scarab back for him… without causing a scandal.

Two impecunious young American exiles in London rise to the challenge, infiltrating Blandings in the guise of servants. But can they succeed while also navigating the pitfalls of below-stairs etiquette – and eluding the vigilance of Lord Emsworth’s secretary, the Efficient Baxter?