Wilde’s poetry

Wilde’s Charmides and Other Poems Another new release on Audible: First published in 1913, more than a decade after the author’s death, Charmides and Other Poems is a collection including the long narrative poem Charmides (1881) – the author’s longest and most controversial poem – and a number of shorter poems, and sonnets, many written […]

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity… or Death

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Another title to finally emerge after long delay from the turbid depths of Audible: Dickens most famous historical novel, A Tale of Two Cities explores the horrors of the French Revolution, and the injustices that brought it about, through the history of the […]

Two Travellers’ Tales

Pack your bags! Two more that recently oozed to the top of Audacity’s inbox, this time a couple of traveller’s tales: First, in Around the World in Eighty Days, solitary and mechanical clubman Mr Phileas Fogg, accepting a challenge from fellow members of the Reform Club, wagers the fantastic sum of £20,000, half of his […]