Forensic detection in the Edwardian age

For my 15th solo Audible release, CSI meets Columbo in R. Austen Freeman’s The Adventures of Dr Thorndyke “[T]he longer I practise, the more I become convinced that the microscope is the sheet-anchor of the medical jurist.” So declares “scientific investigator”, Dr John Thorndyke, as he interprets the clues found in the likes of bloodstains, […]

‘The Old Man in the Corner’ live on Audible!

My latest solo narration is now live on Audible – it is The Old Man in the Corner, by Baroness Orczy From the creator of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The Old Man in the Corner is a collection of classic tales in the Sherlock Holmes vein. In a genteel ABC teashop on the Norfolk Road, Miss […]