The Brink of a New Era!

Yesterday, acting on the advice of a long-headed gentleman in Australia, who knows WAY more about such things than I do, I took delivery of a new recording setup. My faithful old AT2020USB+ goes to join its ancestors in heaven – well, in the loft, to be absolutely accurate – and gives way to the powerful combination of the Yamaha Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface and the Audio Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone.

I have been playing with the new kit for less than a couple of days as yet, but already the verdict is in: Oh – My – Lord! The improvement in recording quality is just staggering. And noise reduction? What’s that, then?? Pretty sure that is now something that happens only to other narrators. I am told that this mic is one of the quietest in its class, and on the evidence so far I can well believe it.

Something tells me that the next batch of recordings is going to be rather fun!