Two more classics of detection

Two more classics of detective fiction!

Two new releases on Audible, each featuring a classic literary detective:

The Wisdom of Father Brown

In The Wisdom of Father Brown Chesterton give us another 12 tales of misunderstanding, deception, theft, murder, mystery, and suicide, unravelled with modesty and compassion by the unassuming little priest-detective. This volume features classic stores including The Absence of Mr Glass, The Paradise of Thieves, The Mistake of the Machine, The Head of Caesar, and The Perishing of the Pendragons.

The Eye of Osiris

And in The Eye of Osiris, renowned medical jurist Dr John Thorndyke once more comes to the rescue to untangle the strange mystery remaining when Mr John Bellingham, amateur Egyptologist, abruptly goes missing ‑ leaving behind a strangely vexatious will that cannot be executed without proof or presumption of death, and making his family virtually penniless, and placing them under suspicion of his murder.