Wonderful Wodehouse!

A Wodehouse double-bill!

Finally, after Audible’s recent prolonged period of indisposition … I’m sure we all hope it is feeling better now … an avalanche of my new recordings have now been unleashed upon the unsuspecting public, including two of my favourite Jeeves and Wooster titles:

Carry On, Jeeves

In the first of its ten short stories, Carry On, Jeeves, reveals how the great Jeeves came to take office in the Wooster household, in the midst of an imbroglio concerning Bertie’s imperious fiancĂ©e, Lady Florence Cray, and the manuscript of his uncle’s scandalous memoires. And soon, the incomparable manservant becomes a fixture, hauling the young master, and his equally mentally negligible friends, out of the soup on both sides of the Atlantic, despite the snooterings of assorted aunts, uncles, and parents, the fearsome Sir Roderick Glossop – or even a school full of ‘spirited’ young ladies…

Right Ho, Jeeves

And in Right Ho, Jeeves, Jeeves and Bertie fall out over the latter’s new white mess jacket. The young master then takes exception to Jeeves’ handling of the romantic affairs of newt enthusiast Gussie Fink-Nottle, and assumes personal charge of the case. But Bertie’s schemes soon expand to encompass the ruptured engagement of his cousin Angela and Tuppy Glossop, and the sensitive financial problems of his Aunt Dahlia – leading to unforeseen difficulties with the aunt’s peerless French chef, the temperamental Monsieur Anatole.

Right Ho, Jeeves was P. G. Wodehouse’s second full-length Jeeves and Wooster novel, after ‘Thank You, Jeeves’.